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Mark Marandino has 21 years of experience as a private wealth advisor, financial planner, and financial consultant. He specializes in wealth preservation, estate planning, family finances, investing, tax planning, retirement planning and business finances. Mark and his team are passionate about helping clients experience financial confidence now and in retirement. They look at your entire financial picture, ask targeted questions and listen closely to your answers. They provide tailor-made advice to reflect your unique dreams and goals.

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t.jelke solutions  is an independent consultant firm dedicated to colleges and universities; fraternity and sorority headquarters, chapters and communities; and non-profits and associations.  Our goal is to inform and empower our clients by providing the following services:  assessment and evaluation of programs, operations, systems, culture and communities; strategic planning consultation and facilitation; staff and officer training; retreat planning and implementation; research and data analysis; and values-based educational program creation and facilitation.

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